• About CERD

    CERD offers a unique opportunity to experience Resilience.

    Who We Are:

    Founded by Dr. Joel H. Brown, the Center for Educational Research + Development (CERD) is a team of highly regarded social science researchers and practitioners dedicated to resilience skills building. Educating leaders in the context of business organizations, non-governmental community service organizations, governmental organizations, and public community service organizations, colleges and universities, CERD’s Resilient Life Process (RLP) has supported and motivated change in the lives of many throughout its history.

    What We Do:


    CERD gets to the heart of Resilience.

    For over ten years, we have successfully made Resilience education a reality by proactively focusing on each person’s inherent ability to succeed, and to foster that success in others.


    CERD’s Resilient Life Process is unique.

    In the past Resilience has been considered a “gift “certain people possessed to overcome adversity, and when taught perceived only as a solution to “problems”.  This merely addresses symptoms, not the larger issues. But what if Resilience was in reality a teachable skill that would not only help solve problems but actually prevented them from happening? And even more, what if that skill could also be passed on to others? That is the CERD Resilient Life Process.


    CERD’s Resilience Life Process is groundbreaking.

    The RLP is not simply an “add on” program yielding limited results. Our resilience education is designed to become a part of you and your organization. We work with every client in an intensive, interactive workshop setting to cultivate and bring together two key segments of human interaction – the power of people and teams to make decisions, and the information around which those decisions are made.


     CERD welcomes you.

    Our resilience education workshops are professional development seminars helping professionals, leaders and business people build a strengths-based organizational focus through application of the Resilience Life Process’s recognized and time-tested methodology. And, we’re more than willing to work with you! Additional training, consultation and evaluation are always available to custom fit with your organization’s business practices or unique requirements.

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