The Center for Educational Research + Development

I have worked with young people who were being talked down to and kicked out of school, who were never afforded an opportunity to succeed. I have worked with adults in emergency rooms, released without treatment or referral to address their ‘real’ problems; and those who have struggled to hold down their businesses or jobs as well as keep their families together. I realized that there must be a better approach for teaching and human service than using fear and exclusion. I wondered, ‘What would happen if instead, we focused on interests, strengths, potential, and inclusion?’ The result? CERD’s Resilience process: More than just programs, we embrace the possibility that each person can succeed if the specific means of developing individual strengths and interests are brought to life.–Joel H. Brown, Executive Director

CERD’s people are committed:

Dr. Brown is a nationally-recognized social science researcher, practitioner, and three-time author. He and CERD’s implementation of the Resilience model in a variety of settings – schools, social service agencies and businesses – have helped transform how people view and work with young people and adults. We’ve devoted ourselves to enriching lives – to empowering youth and adults. How? By proactively focusing on each person’s inherent ability to succeed, and to foster that success in others. From practice and consultation to research and evaluation, you will experience our commitment to diversity and enrichment through CERD’s strengths-based focus.

CERD’s services target youth, families, line workers and leaders in a variety of settings:

  • Elementary and secondary schools
  • Drug education services
  • Adolescent treatment services
  • Juvenile delinquency and correctional services
  • Universities and colleges
  • Business organizations

Members of over 60 organizations have been trained in CERD’s Resilience process, including:

  • Alameda County Health Care Services
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections
  • National Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of San Francisco
  • Walden House