Connecting Lives By Finding The Strength Within

Studies have shown most if not all organizations suffer from recurring problems with motivated leadership, lack of clear vision, and employee burnout or decreased productivity, and the impacts associated with each of them are enormous, both in terms of cost and loss of human capital.


The issue is complex, but the answer is simple – building resilience. What is resilience? Simply put, resilience training acts as a catalyst to organizations in recognizing and capitalizing on their own inherent strengths. Further, resiliency skills give all who command them a powerful tool for avoiding potential crises and handling challenging situations before they ever occur.


The benefits of resilience coaching are striking and the positive impact is immediate. Focused resiliency education promotes leadership and increases organizational effectiveness that positively impacts your bottom line and ROI many times over. CERD’s Resilient Life Process© is a recognized and time-tested methodology with proven success in building essential skills for healthy individuals and innovative organizations today and for many years to come.

What Our Clients Say

The CERD team did a remarkable job in a complete evaluation of our Restorative Practices services, resulting in clear and actionable data with transforming results for our organization. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

J.H., CEO – Turning Point Partners

Following a thorough needs assessment, a select group of leaders was trained in resilience education by the CERD team. Six years later, the training continues to positively impact our organization through shared vision and clear decision-making.

E.G., Principal – Kesher School