Connecting lives by finding the strength within

The Center for Educational Research + Development (CERD) is a team of highly regarded social science researchers and practitioners dedicated to resilience skills building. Through nationally recognized and time-tested consultation, research and evaluation, our process has proven its success, time and again, building the essential skills for promoting healthy individuals, strong families, innovative organizations and progressive communities. Educating leaders in the context of business organizations, non-governmental community service organizations, governmental organizations, social welfare and public health community service organizations, colleges and universities, the resilience skills building process has supported and motivated change in the lives of many, especially those with roots in the most adverse conditions.

What Our Clients Say

The CERD team did a remarkable job in a comprehensive evaluation of our Restorative Practices services, resulting in clear and actionable data with transformative results to our organization. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

J.H., CEO – Turning Point Partners

Following a comprehensive needs assessment, a select group of leaders was trained in resilience education by the CERD team. Six years later, the training continues to positively impact our organization through shared vision and clear decision-making.

E.G., Principal – Kesher School